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Our Menu... 

Our cuisine is always prepared fresh and just to your order.


          Crab Bisque
          Oyster & Artichoke



By the Cup .........$3.50
By the Bowl........$5.50








           Homemade Chips ........ $6.95
            Our homemade potato chips served with a chipotle-ranch dipping sauce.

           Crispy Calamari ........ $10.95
           Lightly battered squid, deep-fried, served on a bed of homemade potato chips with a creamy garlic &
           cilantro lime dipping sauce.

           Pierogies ........ $8.95
          Potato and cheese dumplings in a spicy andouille cream sauce with habanero peppers topped with
           bacon & parmesan.

           Voodoo Shrimp ........ $9.95
           "Hotter than Hell" shrimp in a sweet & tangy habanero BBQ sauce served over rice and topped with
           sour cream   

           Crab Toasts............$9.95
           Toasted sour dough topped with crab imperial, Monterey Jack & cheddar, baked, served with a
           Creole dipping sauce.

           Wings  ........$7.95
          A pound of jumbo wings in a spicy Louisiana hot sauce served with bleu cheese and celery.

           Chicken & Andouille Quesadilla  ........$10.95
           Grilled Louisiana sausage & chicken in flour tortillas with Monterey jack cheese, sautéed onions &
           tomatoes topped with sour cream, salsa and bacon.

          Cajun Popcorn ........ $10.95
           Lightly battered shrimp & crawfish tails on a bed of homemade chips served with a chipotle-ranch    
           dipping sauce.

           Crawfish Mac 'n Cheese........ $13.95
           Sautéed crawfish tails, crispy bacon, a creamy blend of cheeses with rotini pasta topped with bread
          crumbs & baked

Delta Nachos............412.95
Tortilla chips topped with andouille sausage, red beans, shrimp, crabmeat, Monterey jack & cheddar,
           jalapenos, salsa & sour cream.  
Half Order $8.95

Shrimp Etouffee.........$12.95

           A traditional dish made with the Trinity: celery, onions & peppers with sauteed shrimp in a mild
           brown tomato sauce served over rice.



Salads:            Grilled Gulf Seafood Salad ........ $13.95
           Grilled shrimp, bay scallops & crawfish tails served over seasonal garden greens & vegetables with
           assorted shredded cheeses topped with Old Bay ranch.

           Jerk Chicken Salad ..............$10.95
           Grilled chicken in traditional Jamaican jerk spices over seasonal garden greens & vegetables with
           assorted shredded cheeses topped with honey-mustard.

          Caesar Salad ........$8.95
           Romaine, red onions & croutons topped with parmesan & our homemade Caesar dressing.
           Blackened Chicken ...Add $3.00   Blackened Tuna ...Add $4.00  Gulf Shrimp ...Add $4.00
Southern Fried Chicken Salad ........$9.95
pieces of fried chicken over seasonal garden greens & vegetables with pecans, assorted shredded
          cheeses topped with chipotle-ranch dressing.


Baby Spinach Salad  ........$9.95    
Fresh baby spinach with sliced hard-boiled egg, bacon, baby shrimp, toasted almonds & red onions 
 topped with a sweet, creamy vinaigrette dressing.  A house favorite!
Oil & vinegar, Caesar, 1,000 islands, honey-mustard, vinaigrette, bleu cheese, ranch, low-fat ranch,
                       raspberry vinaigrette, Old Bay ranch, chipotle-ranch balsamic vinaigrette
                                                                  & lite Italian.





Each burger is a full 8oz. of USDA choice beef or turkey served with French fries.  
Your choice of up to 5 toppings:
BBQ sauce, beef gravy, Swiss, Monterey Jack, provolone, American, cheddar,
bacon, onions, lettuce, tomato, or sautéed mushrooms.

*Consuming raw or undercooked meat may increase your risk of food borne illness.





                                         All served with homemade potato chips.

          Catfish Panini ..........$10.95
          Battered catfish strips, Monterey jack, lettuce, grilled mushrooms, roasted red peppers, & Cajun tartar
          sauce on Cuban bread, then grilled.

         Oyster or Shrimp Po' Boy ........$10.95
          Battered fried shrimp or oysters, lettuce, tomatoes, onions, diced pickles, American cheese with chipotle-
          ranch on French bread.

         BBQ Pork Sandwich .........$9.95
         Pulled pork & BBQ sauce on grilled sour dough bread with cheddar cheese.

        Buffalo Chicken Cheese Steak ........$9.95
        Grilled chicken steak cooked with onions, Louisiana hot sauce & Monterey jack topped with bleu cheese
        & diced celery.

        French Quarter Reuben ........$9.75
        Smoked turkey breast, coleslaw, 1,000 island dressing & Swiss cheese on grilled rye.

        Muffaletta  (For 2) .........$13.95     
        Salami, ham, smoked turkey, provolone, Swiss, American, lettuce, tomato, onion, olive spread, garlic,
        & olive oil on a huge round roll.      
Half Order ........$8.50

 Jamaican Jerk Chicken ........$9.75
       Grilled chicken breast in Jamaican jerk spices, lettuce, tomato, onion, honey-mustard on grilled sourdough.

       Voodoo Cheese Steak ........$9.95
       Grilled chipped steak cooked with onions, peppers, our sweet & spicy habanero voodoo sauce &
       American cheese.





bullet Jambalaya ........$15.95
The traditional dish of Louisiana made with chicken, andouille sausage, kielbasa & shrimp simmered in a delicious, spicy red sauce, cooked with rice.

  Delta Chicken ........$16.95
Pan-seared chicken breast topped with Swiss cheese, crab imperial & hollandaise served with creamy Jack mashed potatoes & sautéed seasonal vegetables.


Red Beans & Rice ........$11.95
Red beans, ham, kielbasa, andouille sausage, slowly simmered over served with French bread.



St. Anne's Pasta ..........$15.95
Sautéed chicken, andouille sausage, onions, mushrooms & okra in a creamy Creole sauce with cheese
tortellini topped with parmesan served with French bread.



Bayou Gumbo  ..........$14.95
Shrimp, whitefish, andouille sausage, kielbasa and chicken slowly simmered with okra, celery, onion, tomatoes, peppers and many spices in a dark roux served over rice with grilled shrimp.



Chicken and Shrimp Creole ..........$15.95
Sautéed chicken and shrimp in a tradition mild red Acadian Creole sauce made with tomatoes, onions,
peppers & celery served over rice.



Blackened Tilapia ..........$15.95
Tilapia filet seared in Cajun spices topped with lemon-tarragon butter & shrimp served with rice and sautéed seasonal vegetables.



Crispy Chicken & Gravy ...........$15.95
Chicken breast rolled in crushed cheese crackers & corn meal, pan-seared, topped with a lemon-chicken
gravy served with cheddar grits & sautéed seasonal vegetables.


  Jerk Chicken Tacos ...........$15.95
Grilled chicken in a Jamaican jerk marinade in 3 white corn tortillas with lettuce, tomatoes &
Monterey Jack topped with a tomatilla sauce & sour cream served with rice, grilled zucchini & squash.


We will prepare any menu item vegetarian style,
                                      if possible, at no extra charge.




           Beignets ........$5.95
New Orleans style sweet funnel cake.  A tradition at the Cafe Du Monde.

           Bananas Foster ........$7.95
           Bananas sautéed with butter, cinnamon, sugar, banana liqueur & rum served
           over vanilla ice cream.

            Bread Pudding & Whiskey Sauce ........$6.95
           3 types of bread cooked with vanilla, eggs & raisins topped with a
            sweet Jack Daniels whiskey sauce.

           White Chocolate Brownie ........$6.95
           A homemade white chocolate brownie served warm, topped with vanilla ice cream.

           Pecan Pie ........$5.95
           Sweet & rich served warm with vanilla ice cream.



Blue Parrot Lunch
11:30 - 4:00
We are offering a limited lunch selection featuring some of your favorites in
an effort to serve you promptly & affordably.
Join us at 4:00 P.M. for our entire menu & daily specials.

The traditional dish of Louisiana made with chicken, andouille sausage, kielbasa &
shrimp simmered in a delicious, spicy red sauce, cooked with rice.

Chicken & Shrimp Creole
Sautéed chicken & shrimp in a traditional Acadian Creole sauce made with the “Trinity”:
onions, peppers & celery in a zesty red sauce over rice.

New Orleans Gumbo
Shrimp, white fish, andouille sausage, kielbasa & chicken slowly simmered with okra, celery,
onion, tomato, peppers & many spices in a nutty tasting roux served over rice with grilled shrimp.

Mini Muffuletta

A French Quarter favorite.  Salami, ham, smoked turkey, provolone, Swiss, lettuce, tomato,

onion, olive spread, garlic & olive oil on a Kaiser roll served with homemade cole slaw. 

Shrimp Étouffée
A traditional dish made with shrimp cooked with celery, onions, peppers & spices
served over rice.

Red Beans & Rice
The Monday meal in New Orleans.  Made with red beans, kielbasa, andouille sausage &
ham over rice served with French bread.

Voodoo Shrimp

“Hotter than Hell” shrimp in a sweet & tangy habanero BBQ sauce served over rice
topped with sour cream.

Blackened Tilapia
Redfish filet seared in Cajun spices on a hot skillet topped with shrimp & lemon tarragon
butter served with rice & grilled seasonal vegetables.

Baby Spinach Salad

Fresh baby spinach with diced hard-boiled egg, bacon, shrimp, toasted almonds &
red onions topped with a sweet, creamy vinaigrette dressing.

Laissez les bon temps rouler!  Let the good times roll!

Dine in only.
$2.00 extra to go.|


Find us from wherever you are!        Gift Cards Are Available -- Call 302.655.8990, Click or Visit to get yours!

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